Route 5 Corridor

The Route 5 Corridor in eastern Henrico travels through one of the most scenic and historic parts of the Richmond region. Beginning with the outpouring of community concerns about a proposed expansion of Route 5 to four lanes and the subsequent shelving of the project, over 20 local and state organizations have banded together in the local groups organized under the banner of the Route 5 Corridor Coalition.



PSG joins the Coalition in promoting scenic, historic, agricultural, recreational and tourism value of the Route 5 Corridor and the planning and conservation tools available to enhance the economic potential of these resources.








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Residents and other interested persons can contact for more information about dates and times of Route 5 Corridor Coalition meetings.










Route 5 River City Saunter - May 9, 2015 - Handout





Henrico County 2026 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 7: Planning and Economic Focus Areas



Comprehensive plans serve as the framework for guiding a locality’s future.  They address the changes and evolution of a community while incorporating the resident’s goals and desires to establish future land use, infrastructure, housing as well as development and conservation areas. The Henrico County 2026 comprehensive plan, adopted in 2009, is the principal reference document for any new planning issues that may arise.


This chapter identifies focus areas with unique characteristics requiring special planning consideration above and beyond the land use polices contained elsewhere in this Comprehensive Plan. These focus areas have certain characteristics or face unique challenges or opportunities requiring them to receive special consideration. This chapter provides recommendations and strategies to ensure particular aspects of these areas are protected and integrated with the remainder of the County in the most compatible way possible.


Route 5 Corridor Planning and Economic Focus Areas (map)


Existing Character Protection Areas

New Market Road Corridor, the earliest roadway connecting the City of Richmond to Williamsburg, is a key element to the rural identity of Eastern Henrico. Even with increasing development pressures, it is the vision of the county to maintain the rural character and viewsheds. Commercial development will be concentrated in specific areas and will support the bicycle and pedestrian trails to connect the capitals.

 Marion Hill is a low-density single family residential area located off of the Osborne Turnpike, just East of the city of Richmond. Future development and infill should remain consistent with this scale of existing residential development. Moving forward, a visual inventory would highlight structures and features of the landscape to be preserved and emulated by future development. Additionally, an analysis of the zoning would focus on establishing regulations to maintain the style of development already present.

Osborne Turnpike Corridor connects New Market Road and Kingsland Road. It is a two-lane road defined by its rural character. The corridor features a series of cedar trees planted within the median and large set back residential and agricultural lots line the corridor. Moving forward, a visual inventory would highlight the features of the landscape to be preserved and emulated in the future. Additionally, an analysis of the zoning would focus on establishing regulations to maintain this rural style of development.

Mixed Use Village Areas

Varina village, located at the intersection of Route 5 and Strath Road, already contains a mixture of uses and exists as a semi-rural village. The vision of the comprehensive plan is to develop a village concept for this area with enhanced landscaping, lighting, and pedestrian resources while still maintaining a sympathetic transition to the rural development along Route 5. This includes limiting national corporate designs and commercial strip development while encouraging reuse of existing structures, architectural control, and streetscape design.

Revitalization Investment Opportunity Areas

Rocketts Landing was traditionally an industrial district connecting the City and the James River. Today, this area has become a mixed-use community and activity center.  As of the 2026 plan, a formal vision for the area had not yet been established, though it supported capitalizing on development interest while maintaining public access to the river as well as environmental quality. A special focus study is recommended to further assess the needs of the area.

South Laburnum Avenue Corridor extends from Interstate 64 until its intersection with State Route 5. While much of the corridor is developed, it is undeveloped as it approaches Route 5, though it is zoned for office and commercial concentration as well as traditional neighborhood development. Future development of this area should respect the varying zones of the corridor.  A special focus area study is also suggested for this corridor in order to create best recommendations for future growth.








Route 5 Corridor Coalition  (Facebook)


The Coalition promotes sustainable economic development on the farmlands along historic Route 5 from Williamsburg to RVA. 









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