Public Process in Planning

Where do the city candidates stand?

On September 12, 2016, PSG released the responses we received from six out of eight candidates for Mayor and 21 of 28 candidates for City Council. Click here to read our press release, the questionnaire, the responses from city council candidates, and those from mayoral candidatesDon’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 8th!

Richmond residents have been frustrated with how major planning and economic development decisions are being made – including the football training center, Shockoe stadium, East End riverfront, and Boulevard. That’s why we sent the candidates for Mayor and City Council in Richmond a questionnaire about how they would improve the planning and economic development process to ensure meaningful involvement by the public. Even such basic things as the city website need improvement – it’s near impossible to find all of the planning documents relevant to each major area of the city.

We also ask the candidates if they will improve parking management to encourage redevelopment and transit use, invest in archaeology to ensure we know and protect our history, and invest in protecting and expanding our tree canopy.

One candidate for Mayor and seven for Council did not respond to our questionnaire. But if they do, we’ll add their responses.

Other groups like Bike Walk RVA and RVA Rapid Transit have released the candidates’ responses to questions about transit, bicycle and pedestrian investments in our city.