Chesterfield County

Approximately 319,000 people reside within the 446 square miles that comprise Chesterfield County.  The county offers a variety of living and working choices that range from rural to suburban to urban environments.  PSG worked with community members to influence the Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in October 2012 and continues to work with the community to ensure Chesterfield's vision of moving forward is acheived.  

Local Government Resources

Comprehensive Plan

PSG connected with citizens, organizations, and the Chesterfield County Planning Department about the Comprehensive Plan to ensure a future of balanced growth for Chesterfield County.  In October 2012, the Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors after extensive public participation, assembly by county staff, and recommendation by the Planning Commission.  Moving Forward - The Comprehensive Plan For Chesterfield County is the resulting document of much collaboration and serves as the guiding document for Chesterfield County's future growth and development decisions.